5.   Artis 3KVA online UPS with six Exide batteries for backup.
6.   FM cordless amplification Loop system with standard accessories(Proposed)
7.   Local Area Network(LAN) with 18 nodes with all networking equipment and components and Internet Connectivity 24 port L2 managed switch (DGS-3120-24TC) Wireless Access Point (DG-WA30000N)Wall Rack 6u rack.
8.   ReadIt scanning, screen magnifier/reader/English OCR with 5 MP camera.
9.   RUBY 7 inch HD screen hand held scanner.
10.   Angel India Daisy Player.

11.   Hindi OCR
12.   Marathi OCR
13.   Screen Reader: JAWS 18 with 8 Indian Languages including Indian Language Voice
14.   NVDA Screen Reader with Indian Vocalizer(Sangita Indian English, Lekha Hindi, US/UK English eloquence)
15.   Zoom Text magnification cum Reader Software
16.   ReadIT Instant Reader, Scanner, English OCR and Magnifier Software with Camera.
17.   Daisy Forum Membership